About Us

“Where Champions Are Built”

We’re dedicated to all levels of experience:

From beginner to professional, who desire training in Mixed Martial Arts and Fitness. At Pilot Built ego is left at the door. We believe that everyone, beginner to pro are of equal importance. We strive to maximize our members potential and get 100% out of each and every workout while also having a “Great Time!”

We have a vision, in which everyone desiring to horn their skills and develop new skill, we’ll find a place dedicated to their advancement. I will accomplish this by seeking-out the best coaches, trainer and instructors, in each discipline. And developing a training program in which they may participate to develop all skill sets.

Many people are trying to become the new “gladiators” but have difficulty in locating a place that will provide them the skills needed to succeed. This is mainly due to the fact that traditional training sites are focused on “their” discipline, whether it is karate, kick-boxing, jiu jitsu, or wrestling. This focus does not prepare the competitor of the MMA arena, where the fighter with the best and most diverse skills is the winner.

                The Pilot Built Difference 

Pilot Built is a Mixed Martial Arts gym and ultimate fitness center. Currently in ultimate fitness we offer evolved target training which incorporates exercises used in such programs as  Insanity, P90X, and Cross Fit. Another ultimate fitness program we offer is Cage Fitness , a full body workout developed by UFC Welter Weight Champion Matt Hughes. Cage Fitness uses muscle confusion to eliminate plateauing and boredom. Due to Cage Fitness reps to time principle, each member gets to work at their own pace and reach their goals accordingly. Cardio Boxing rounds out our ultimate fitness side by providing an intense workout utilizing boxing and conditioning techniques. Learn how to execute a perfect combo while getting an incredible workout. Each of our ultimate fitness classes  provide  coaching  by  knowledgeable  and motivational instructors who are dedicated to improving technique while pushing every member to their limits. These classes are conducted in a group setting where you are held accountable as part of the Pilot Built team.


As for our Mixed Martial Arts program, we offer world-class instruction in Wrestling, Muay Thai, Submission Grappling, and Boxing. And we show you how to bring it all together in an MMA class. Unlike many other gyms Pilot Built classes are taught by coaches, actual teachers of the disciplines not just students. At Pilot Built all members are taught as fighters. We understand that not everyone wants to be a fighter, but we will ensure you will have the skills to do so. In addition we offer opportunities to compete in which the instructor of the discipline will be your coach. At Pilot Built we offer a detailed map to take you from the beginning to where you want to go. From the not knowing to the pro. “Pilot Built is where champions are built.”