Muay Thai

Pilot Built Muay Thai is quite diverse. We not only teach traditional Muay Thai Technique but also incorperate  more cutting edge American Kickboxing Technique to compliment the traditional instruction. For example  the fundamental striking with elbows, feet, hands, and knees are    combined with constant movement and creating angles. This fusion of new and old Kickboxing and Muay Thai creates a unique form of striking that you can only find at Pilot  Built .

Pilot Built instructors are not just coaches but they  also  compete. they know what a fighter goes through because they go through it.Dan Hodges currently holds a Muay Thai record of 9-0 and is the IKF Welter Weight Champion.Dan is also the IKF representative for all of San Diego County.

Fernando Kopp trained under one of the most well known teachers of Muay Thai in the world, Julio Cesar Olivera , of the Shoot Box Gym in Brazil.Also Fernando is a member of the prestigious (Team Nogueira) of Brazil..


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