Wrestling Class


Wrestling classes at Pilot Built are coached by silver certified U.S.A Wrestling coach, Bill Pilot. The classes are composed of fundamental drilling, high level technique training, and controlled live wrestling situations. Pilot Built Wrestling classes cover all aspects of the sport with an emphasis on the Greco Roman style. No matter your background, in wrestling Pilot Built is sure to step up your game. With the right amount of commitment and time, Pilot Built wrestling will not only have you prime to compete at the highest levels of the sport, it will also make you able to take down/defend being taken down .This in either in an M.M.A. bout or a self defense situation. Pilot Built wrestling is an aggressive , yet very technical style of wrestling that, when learned, is not only very effective, but very satisfying. Bill Pilot is known in his years as a high school coach to take a team from unheard of, to champions. Now he does the same with individuals at Pilot Built in the sports of wrestling and M.M.A.